China’s way of life Vs China’s way of trade

Some people say China is changing from inside, that there is a cooperative and responsible movement fighting for human rights, and that political and economical policies are going to change soon. I disagree. Did the USSR change because of a “revolution” in the mentality of its citizens? Nope. It changed because it was gradually losing economic power.

China has a successful – and controversial as well – role inside international markets, a confident and more dynamic society filled by a great number of open-minded people and renewed technologies, not to mention China’s strength as a superpower. But sometimes, when I hear about the way China manipulates its currency, explode its workers and forgets what human rights mean, I think we all have a problem. Because, if that method is going well in China, and its State is getting stronger… Are our countries going to import it?

I deeply relay on our governments sense of democracy and in our own fighting capacity as citizens, although, let’s face it, U.S.-China relations are going to get worse and only by working to change their policies (peacefully, of course) we are going to keep our own rights safe. This is one of the reasons that make me believe so strongly in “real” free trade.


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